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About Us

Breast Care Partners is a unique new collaboration of dedicated breast care specialists from Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY, Crouse Medical Practice Surgical and Bariatrics, Crouse Health, CRA Medical Imaging, St. Joseph's Physicians Surgical Services, St. Joseph's Health, and St. Joseph's Imaging Associates. Together we are committed to improving breast patient outcomes in our community.

Receiving care at a comprehensive program assures that you will receive ...
  • A multidisciplinary team approach and weekly conferences to coordinate the best treatment options for you
  • Certified Nurse Navigation services
  • Ongoing monitoring of your care
  • Data collection and monitoring of national standards to ensure best practice for you
  • Participation in clinical research if desired and applicable
  • Identifying and counseling high-risk patients

    • The Patient Navigator Can ...
      • Guide you through the healthcare system
      • Direct your healthcare services for further diagnosis and treatment
      • Direct you to local resources and support
      • Get your questions answered
      • Help you find more information on healthcare resources

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